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Lightwabe Cantus Ombrarum

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  • Horizon Music, 2000
  • Renaud Pion : bass clarinet, Turkish clarinet, bass flute, Ba-Wu flute, EWI, electronics


  1. The Door
  2. The Mirror Of Shades
  3. A Mineral Light In The Subterranean Sky
  4. In The Labyrinth
  5. Such A Delicate Music In The Woods
  6. Down Down Down
  7. To The Deep!
  8. Waterfalls
  9. The Deep Music Of A Rolling World
  10. Drops And Life
  11. Silent Souls
  12. Geological Memories
  13. Farewell To Darkness
  14. A Musical Map Of The Underworld (Live)
    • Part One: Erebus
    • Part Two: Elysian Fields